Makeup and Hair Services, MUAH

I'm a Vancouver-based mobile makeup and hair stylist that will make your busy life easier. I can get you ready for a night out on the town or for a photo shoot with full makeup and hair styling.

Makeup artistry has changed so much since the 90s when I got my start, the internet has revolutionized the way we buy, see, and learn about beauty. Throughout my career I have encountered the same thing over and over again: The difference between every day makeup & hair to the stuff you see on Instagram and YouTube. I find all those images inspirational but it's not real life. I know very few people who are willing to spend 2+ hours on hair and makeup.

This is where I come in...I can get you pared down to the products you need to make mornings easier. And then be there for your events to do the things you would never do yourself. Everyone falls for buying makeup to 'contour and highlight' when in reality we barely have time to put on mascara. Buy your basics and hire me for when you need to look your best and the most glamorous version of yourself.

Whether it's for a wedding, graduation, evening out, or a photo shoot of any kind...I can help get you styled and ready. 

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